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High Priestess Training and Community

Welcome to a journey of the shamanistic powers of the female, the Wisewomen. Wisewomen have existed for thousands of years and still exist throughout the world. They know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and have learned to utilize the gifts of of nature. Inside each woman is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

“Part of the ancient vision of the Goddess was as protector of cities and the sustaining fields around them. She was not, in this role, always a matronly and maternal goddess, but was frequently depicted as a lusty, loving, sensual woman. The power she wielded did not make her any less sexually vibrant. Indeed, her power was part of her erotic attraction.”

“The queens and goddesses of myth and legend show us an image of both strength and sensuousness. While today we often equate women’s sexuality with weakness and passivity, our forebears saw such goddesses as Ishtar as especially passionate and sexual because of their power. Ishtar and her sister goddesses are potent images of feminine possibility – a possibility that remains despite the 2,500 years that have passed since she was last worshiped.” (“The Goddess Companion”, Patricia Monaghan)

Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. The feminine form of the word is not “shamaness” but “shamanka”, however, here we will use the word “Priestess”.

Healing,  gathering and growing herbs and food, keeping communities in balance, presiding over ceremonies and rites of passage, maintaining relations with the dead, teaching, ministering to those in need, communing with nature to learn her secrets ,preserving the wisdom traditions, divining the future, and drumming and dancing with Goddesses, these are feminine shamanic arts.  This what you will learn or remember in our classes here!

Sisters of The Burning Branch, is our part of the “shaman’s tree”, an image found in several cultures as a symbol for mediation.  The tree is seen as a being whose roots belong to the world underneath; its trunk belongs to the middle, human-inhabited world; and its top is related to the upper world.

The curriculum of Sisters of the Burning Branch, is eclectic, borrowed from the teachings of many paths, but rooted in Women’s Spirituality.

Priestess Training takes a year and day to complete, plus 3 months to earn the High Priestess cord. (four levels). We do ask for your commitment when joining. Please do not sign up if you are not committed or able to follow through. There is nothing worse for your self esteem!  We try to nurture here, this defeats that purpose.

At GoddessSchool we use song and chants to raise power, using drums, tambourines or just humming along works too! We celebrate the Mother – the Full Moon – Mother Earth – Mother Nature – she is in us all – we are in her – we are one! We will learn some songs, beat the drums, howl at the Moon! We are ever changing as does the Moon – Feel the Moon – let her fill you up! Join us!

The entire fee for each level is $120 (easy payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last. Tuition covers lessons,  assignments and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for face to face Sabbats, Esbats and retreats with the Sisterhood.

Please contact me at: grannymoonsmail@yahoo.com
For an application and more information!
Visit me at http://GoddessSchool.com

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We All Look At the Same Moon!

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The Sabbats 2016

Northern Hemisphere

Candlemas/Imbolc – Feb. 2
Ostara – Mar. 21/22
Beltane – Apr. 30/May 1
Summer Solstice – June 20
Lammas – Aug.2
Autumnal Equinox/Mabon – Sept.22
Samhain – Oct. 31
Winter Solstice/Yule – Dec. 21

Southern Hemisphere

Imbolc – August 1st
Ostara – September 21st/22nd
Beltane – Oct 31st/Nov 1st
Lithia – Dec 21st/22nd
Lammas – Feb 1st/2nd
Mabon – March 21st
Samhain – April 30th/May 1st
Yule – June 21st

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The Year Is Divided Into Four Seasons:
The first season is of a frigid complexion, and this is “Winter”;
The second is of the complexion of Air, and this is “Spring”;
Then follows the third, which is “Summer”, and is of the complexion of Fire;
Lastly, there is the fourth, wherein fruits are matured, which is “Autumn”.
~The Turba Philosophorum, ca. 12 century  

•           •           •           •

The Seasons, 2016

Vernal Equinox (Spring begins) March 19th at 11:29 evening.
Sun on Equator, crosses the line North, enters the sign of Aries.

Summer Solstice (Summer begins) June 20th at 5:34 evening.
Sun Runs High, at Northern tropic (turn), enters the sign of Crabba.

Autumnal Equinox (Fall begins) September 22nd at 9:20 morning.
Sun on Equator, crosses the line South, enters the sign of Libra.

Winter Solstice (Winter begins) December 21st at 5:43 morning.
Sun Rides Low, at Southern tropic (turn), enters the sign of Capricorn.

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Astroflash Monthly Horoscope and Newsletter for March 2016

By Flash Silvermoon

Transformation Time at Moonhaven is showing itself in so many ways.Sitting out in the morning sunlight today surrounded by the verdant green everywhere.Amazing that the unique jungle like Eco system here withstood a particularly mild winter so well, not even one really hard freeze. In some ways that can be both the good and bad news but this morning it feels like nothing but good and joyful. As I approach the month of March which heralds my next Solar Return, I reflect on all the passings and losses that I sustained in 2015 and hope that the dross and heaviness of those losses will be lifted from my shoulders as I embrace the sunshine and fresh air.

I ask the Spirits of the land for a sign to guide my passage into the next year when a red headed woodpecker calls out to me reminding me that I am carrying a new rhythm, and to enjoy that evolution as it shifts and changes my demeanor.A good message from one red head to another! By the time that I take that in at least a ½ dozen hawks begin to banter amongst them selves or perhaps to me making me aware of forthcoming important communications. Moonhaven is elegantly draped in magenta azalea blossoms and peach colored Angel Trumpets. Volunteer tangerine trees still offer more fruit too. Good to have had a relatively gentle winter after such a harsh year. I must say that I wholeheartedly welcome 2016 which can’t help but be better.

As I sit here writing this all down, communicating  as I am told to do. a squirrel jumps down from the roof and into my field of vision with a resounding thud. I have heard this sound before and now I know who makes it. Oh yes Ms Squirrel I am still gathering up my essentials even this late in the season and I bet your hunting and gathering  patterns are way off now, with such out of sync seasons or perhaps you perceive a more divine order instinctively. Either way the Shift is here and we are all being affected. I can feel and hear it in the bird songs at Moonhaven.

Writing once more and waiting for Saturn to stop squaring itself to dive all the way in to Astroflash, I hear a too brave armadillo bathing on my back porch. I swear even daylight and my dog will not discourage their invasive behavior. I always welcome their presence though because they represent Protection which is always good with me when I begin to write this column.As I have shared before, writing Astroflash requires me to experience the whole month ahead energetically so I gladly accept Armadillo’s support today.

My reverie is broken as results of Super Tuesday Politrix stream in on the News.Astrologically, this race has looked like it would be the strangest one we have ever seen and as far as I can see, which is pretty far actually,No one will ever forget the 2016 presidential race.Politrix it is on all fronts and with as much Neptunian energy floating around as there is right now, we are not going to get a really clear picture for some time if at all. GOOD NEWS We Kept the Frackers out of Florida may they be routed everywhere else…….YES!

March begins with a flood of planets in Pisces, hence the Neptune effect on everything. I was talking to a good friend earlier about the general emotional climate and told her that it felt like trudging through molasses.The many planets and asteroids in Pisces are Sun, Neptune,Ceres Chiron and the South Node are all creating the fluidity we are experiencing. On the opposite side of the wheel we have a cluster in Virgo including Jupiter and the North Node.

Generally speaking where we see opposition we can also experience a merging and blending of qualities in this case the elements water and earth are blending  giving us mud on the down side hence a slowing of the flow or the molasses trudge early in the month compounded by a Moon Saturn conjunction on March 2. The Up side of the opposition with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo/ across from all the Piscean planets is that it offers a pathway for those energies to blend and improve each other. When we look at the positive qualities of Virgo we see  great attention to detail, the microcosm whereas Pisces strength lies in the big picture,the universal, the macrocosm.Jupiter which is in Virgo is the old ruler of Pisces while Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is in the sign of Pisces. This is called mutual reception in astro-talk which means there is a likeness and flow of energies in the beginning of the month which can bring the best ut of both Pisces and Virgo, Water and Earth and both Mutable signs which also suggests flexibility.

Whenever there is this much Piscean planets in one space we need to be on the alert for some kind of toxic event particularly with our water. As we have seen as well is that just because one of these events has occurred doesn’t mean that it will be reported immediately. May the whistle blowers have the courage to stand up with the support of the people and let the administration meet these problems with determination and needed monies.

Flexibility is exactly the pathway to managing the energetic shifts of this time. If you want to get the most out of the sometimes aggravating comings and goings of events try not getting too attached to outcomes and plans. It almost feels like what we have come to expect from a retrograde Mercury which doesn’t occur until April 29 so take a deep breadth on that front. Fact is Mercurial energies are being affected by the pull of this opposition so even though thee is a kind of flow, it is taking longer for the energy to manifest and it does so with modification. Wow even trying to explain this principle is taking me on a journey.

Mars is stationing on its 29th degree of Scorpio til it moves into feisty Sagittarius on the 5th. The 29th degree of any sign is considered to be a “critical” degree so between now and the 5th we may well see some very mean spirited and underhanded behaviors manifesting including violence and perhaps more earthquakes. A very potent one was reported yesterday in Indonesia so we should keep an awareness for activity on the Ring of Fire and the Pacific Rim and also possibly California. Let us all send cooling prayers in that area. The birds in Moonhaven have been having quite the time communicating with me as I write this piece. A very persistent hawk is calling to me and circling my home as I offer these words. I have learned to take the punctuating calls of the hawk to make me take those words more seriously. I think that the birds also are just over joyed at the coming of Spring and the joy in their voices is uplifting.

Mars in Sagittarius is likely to be more enjoyable than Mars in Scorpio over all however for the first few day it will be squaring Mercury which will continue to bring out its more argumentative nature. Given the insanity of the often hateful verbiage from all sides of the political spectrum I can certainly expect this to continue. Here’s a thought, why not model the kind of world that we want to create with more kindness in our posts? I don’t mean whitewash the truth about Flint or the abuse of people of color, women and children and animals and the land but maybe we can all practice taking a breadth before we post or speak those harsh words. I am being tested on that today and am trying to listen to my highest self.

We continue to go through a time of culling which is a very Virgo activity. It is so important now to cleave to that which is truly yours and congruent with what resonates with your soul’s path.Yes we do want to be expansive like Jupiter yet we want that expansion to reflect our true self which has come through the sacred fires of  transformation brought on by the Uranus/Pluto square that has almost completed its revolution and evolution.

One of the aspects of so much Neptunian/Piscean energy is the concept of Initiation. Think about it, how many of you feel like 2015 was one big Initiation and that these feelings and experiences have been coming even deeper the last few months.Initiation is like a simulation of birth/rebirth. We are in the womb or desire to find ourselves in the healing womb waters after which we come out into the world of form from that cosmic pool of formlessness. This is the magic of Creation.

On March 8 we will experience the first of several Eclipses this one being a total Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces.I feel that this aspect of Initiation will surely peak at this time. Even though the eclipse will only be visible over Indonesia it would be wise to keep your ears to the ground in that vicinity and for the Pacific in general as there has already been an extremely potent earthquake in Indonesia this month. I would also think that tsunamis could accompany these seismic activities, again the theme of big water and earth.

This New Moon offers us the opportunity to flush out the dirty water from our systems on all levels from the very material to the emotional and let it flow down the drain particularly those people places and things that are literally draining.We need space for the new to come in and blossom after all it is Spring. At least here in Florida the signs of Spring are abundant however I am really getting how even the seasons are not exactly regular these days.

Solar Eclipses herald both important endings and beginnings so Happy Rebirth Day one and all. It is a good idea to see just where this eclipse falls in your chart to understand where these changes are likely to occur. This eclipse will fall exactly on my Mercury so it will be interesting to see just how this event will affect my career. One of the beautiful things that the planet Neptune reminds us is that we are all in this together. Time to open the Heart Chakra wide and the Third Eye wider. Your dreams and imagination can be more revealing now than your intellect however blending the two at this time can also be useful as long as you let the intuition lead the way.

The mainstream teaches us to ignore our intuition, to let the patriarchal paradigm of linear thinking run the world and of course this way of being has run the world into the ground. Fortunately the great SHIFT that has been occurring is liberating many from this limited way of perceiving the life.

Lovely Venus enters the sign of Pisces on March 12 joining Neptune, Mercury,Ceres,Chiron, the South Node and the Sun.. This will be a most watery day with loads of creative impulses floating around. Also on this day we will have a Grand Trine in Earth signs and Venus will be squared by Mars which will ruffle her feathers or with Venus in Pisces, stir up her calm waters. Grand Trines always encourage flow between all the planets that are involved and in this case the planets included are the Moon,Jupiter and Pluto.

Typically we think of trines as being positive when in reality trines simply allow the energy to move from place to place more easily so if the planetary set up is potentially volatile, it can mean that the Grand Trine makes it easier for this volatility to spread. Because these are Earth signs and Pluto is included in this group I would be concerned for more volcanic eruptions.Whenever I make such predictions my hope is always that I am wrong.

Jupiter’s exact opposition to the asteroid Ceres who represents the Earth Goddess could suggest major pulls on the tectonic plates and electromagnetic fields. Finding ways to ground our energies would be most useful too. I love working with the stones and crystals of course and these can be incredible tools for grounding and elevation at the same time depending on your choice of stones. For grounding I recommend smokey quartz and in particular celestial smokey quartz as it also helps you focus on what is essential. agate,carnelian and all the earthy looking stones will do the same as will hematite and black tourmaline which like smokey quartz is very protective. I do carry all of these stones at my shop in Moonhaven.I have very little Earth in my chart so I find it interesting that I have chosen to live with more crystals and stones than are in a museum. Balance!

From March 10 til March 27 Chiron the planet representing the Wounded Healer is exactly conjoining the South Node which symbolizes the path of least resistance, the ways that we have dealt with issues in the most knee jerk and automatic ways even for many lives.On March 11 the Sun joins in to light up the aspect and give more clarity followed by Mercury on the next day.This conjunction suggests a time for us to face the old wounds that we have chosen to avoid or deny so this can be a very constructive time to make major life shifts which will enable us to jump forward and live into the work of the North Node which is our mission plan.

March 20th is the Spring Equinox and this should really be a very interesting day with some very contradictory energies. At first glance i saw the sweet conjunction between Venus and Neptune which should  create a most celestial,magical and loving day. On the other hand the Sun will trine Mars turning up the heat and potentially aggressive vibes with another trine from Jupiter to Pluto and a weak trine from Jupiter to Uranus which can bring out a most potent energy. Jupiter is incredibly busy now and will also be squaring Saturn which can add some contradictory feelings about expansion and contraction. This square is not likely too good for our economy but whatever difficulties occur it would be short lived. So if Saturn causes some hesitation regarding a good group activity feel out which would bring you the most joy.The effect of the outer planets moving through Jupiter and Venus will make it a very fine day to celebrate and do some good spiritual work for the Planet.

I decided to combine my March 18 birthday with the Equinox to celebrate both here at Moonhaven and make it a year of giving back to the Planet.

We will gather for The Spring Equinox and my Birthday on Sunday March 20th at 2pm til at Moonhaven in Melrose. More info below in the Newsletter section and call 352 4752432 for more info and directions RSVP

The Full Moon in Libra on the 23rd is a penumbral eclipse which by its nature will be less intense than a total eclipse.We are dealing here with the opposition between Aries and Libra, self and other. In one way it is a time to really define yourself truthfully with the Aries Sun which is also trined by Mars in Sagittarius and with the Moon in Libra we must simultaneously address our need for others,partners or companions. The Martian energy is in some ways stronger which can show up globally as some very warlike behavior as the Lunar Eclipses are very potent times and this is also one of the Super Moons where the earth is more affected than usual. By the 24th,the still Full Moon will be opposing Uranus with a weakening square to Pluto so again there is that danger of some wild card,wild person setting off some unexpected situation and right now it looks like all the cards are wild and not just the Joker  

Thank goodness that Venus is still close to Neptune in Pisces as this can provide a softer more spiritual energy. In all seriousness, I do believe that those of us who gather in spiritual groups or have a spiritual practice of their own should make as much time as possible during this month to use the mystical and visionary aspect of Neptune and all the Piscean planets to create planetary safety and healing and  to offer some stability as well as Justice.

The month ends with Venus conjoining Chiron reminding us of the healing power of LOVE. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy but it does mean that LOVE is a really good way to begin the healing on all levels.


Let’s Get Personal

ARIES – This is one crazy time and for once I don’t feel like my world is the shakiest. It’s all kind of crazy out there and the inmates are running the institution.Something kind of heart warming feeling like we are viewing the last gasps of a dying Patriarchy and it can’t happen fast enough for me.

TAURUS – The only thing that really helps me move through this energetic quagmire is singing. It’s not so much that I do it well but the movement of the chi through me Sopens everything else up. Its hard to feel too bad when you hum some silly  ditty or when you really throw your whole self into a jam. Like Sly said,“Sing a simple song.”

GEMINI – Seems like we are moving through a mutable dilemma with so much in Pisces and Virgo and I for one am totally used to feeling multiple impulses.I actually like to explore all sides of things and even my head has been spinning. I do know how to be flexible as long as I know how to keep a clear perspective,that is the trick!

CANCER – Water water everywhere and why is it all in Pisces? Why is the water more like a whirlpool than a placid lake and why the hell do some people not even have any clean water to drink? Why do you need to live in luxury to keep your children from getting lead poisoning? Why is home where the hell is for too many families? I can barely hear the News it just hurts too much.

LEO – I am going to make sure that my line continues to roam freely over the African Veldt. My heart will not settle for anything less.My pride is my life and I carry that energy with me as I move through life cat like and aware. You know who I am no secret there a big cat with great big hair.

VIRGO – Geez have I been busy lately with Jupiter in my sign just getting into everything. It’s all good but you know me, everything has to be just so and I will not settle for imperfection. I am getting everyone to cull through their stuff and now its my turn.

LIBRA -This Lunar Eclipse will be something else to handle I can feel it already. So many of us trying to make things fair and balanced that we can destabilize anything.I really prefer life around me to be loving and serene with some artistic beauty thrown in for good measure and that is so not the way things appear.

SCORPIO – This is my time to rest and be more internal so that I can come blazing out as Spring flowers burst upon the scene.Heavy responsibilities consuming what could be free time leaving me a bit frustrated but my sense is it will all be worth it in time.Now that Saturn has gotten off my back time really does feel more on my side and Mars did have me fired up and the road is calling me just not quite yet.

SAGITTARIUS – Where does one buy a reasonable ticket to Kathmandu.I am so hungry for adventure that I can almost taste the curry. Mars and Uranus are giving me the fire power to get the Dodge out of Hell so it’s just a manner of managing my finances. Calling my magic carpet right now.

CAPRICORN – Since 2012 my brother from another Planet, Uranus has been shaking my tree to bring the corporate world to its knees and I do believe that we are seeing the foundations rocking now.How else could these political parties, which are surely no party,  be having such reckonings? Hold on to your hats I think we are in for a bumpy ride.

AQUARIUS – Still some planets in my sign stirring the pot and getting many communities active. Some people haven’t been on the streets since Vietnam and Black Lives Do Matter and we all need to stand up for each other’s rights. No need to figure who has it the worst because we are all enduring life in a system that is not working towards our survival.Get Up Stand Up Stand Up for your Rights.

PISCES –  The time is now there is no other time The time is now there is no other time
To get down to your soul and let it make you whole Take these broken wings and let them learn to fly
let em take you high   Like a bird with freedom in her eyes til you can kiss the sky let your dreams unwind


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Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day RSS Feed

Good Riddance Spell
Spell Date:  Saturday, March 5, 2016

Okay, you’ve just been dumped. Don’t waste time getting even with the person (that creates bad karma). Instead, get over your ex with this spell. Gather these ingredients:

A piece of black or purple fabric
A pinch each of lavender, sage, and black tea
Black thread

On the fabric, blend together the herbs and tea. Stir them in a counterclockwise direction. Draw the corners of the fabric up and tie with the thread. Next turn the water on full force in the bathroom sink or bathtub. Hold the pouch to your heart and say:

“Water, cleanse away my hurt and pain. He/She will never hurt me again.”

Untie your pouch and toss your herbs/tea into the running water. Turn off the water and let the mixture swirl down the drain—taking your hurt with it.
This post was written by James Kambos on March 05, 2016

Inspiration for Accomplishment
Spell Date:  Friday, March 4, 2016

On this day in 1933, as part of the start of the Roosevelt administration, Frances Perkins became the first woman to serve in the U.S. cabinet. Perkins’s accomplishment reminds us that we all possess the potential to achieve great things in life.
Think of a large goal you desire to achieve, and gather an orange or gold candle (colors associated with success) and a safe holder. Carve a symbol, a few words, or a phrase representing your goal into the candle. Hold the candle between your hands and up to your third-eye chakra, and visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. Then light the candle and supervise it until it safely burns out on its own, snuffing and relighting as necessary until it has burned all the way down. As the candle burns, know that your intentions are being sent into the universe. So mote it be!
This post was written by Blake Octavian Blair on March 04, 2016

Blessing a Cellphone for Protection
Spell Date:  Thursday, March 3, 2016

To a lot of people, myself included, our cellphones are practically a part of us. The idea of losing our phone is unthinkable! Aside from having insurance and keeping careful track of our phone, we also have magical options at our disposal to keep it safe from theft or our own forgetfulness. The very notion takes the term “charging your cellphone” to a new place.
Hold the phone in your hands and envision a glowing orb of white light. See this light condensing to form a shell around the phone. To focus the intent, say this spell:

“Window to the world, contact link,
Protected from theft and loss;
I charge you now to be free from harm,
Damage rejected and pilfering blocked.”

Keep the phone on your person for the rest of the day.
This post was written by Michael Furie on March 03, 2016

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This video really touched my heart; combined with its intention which is to express that on International Women’s Day there’s such a huge calling for women to gather in circle. Would it be alright to post this video and ask others if they were so inclined to join me in the ethers at a certain time?

Blessed Be,
Isidora MoonDancer
High Priestess, Sisters of the Burning Branch

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Ostara Egg Bread


½ cup  sugar
2 packages  (¼ ounce each) active dry yeast
1 to 2  teaspoons ground cardamom
1 teaspoon salt
6 to 6 ½ cups all-purpose flour
1 ½ cups  whole milk
6 tablespoons  butter, cubed
4  large eggs
3 to 6  hard-cooked large eggs, unpeeled
assorted food coloring
canola oil
2 tablespoons water


In a large bowl, mix sugar, yeast, cardamom, salt and 2 cups flour. In a small saucepan, heat milk and butter to 120°-130°. Add to dry ingredients; beat on medium speed 2 minutes. Add 3 eggs; beat on high 2 minutes. Stir in enough remaining flour to form a soft dough (dough will be sticky). Turn dough onto a floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 6-8 minutes. Place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease the top. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, dye hard-cooked eggs with food coloring following package directions. Let stand until completely dry. Punch down dough. Turn onto a lightly floured surface; divide into thirds. Roll each portion into a 24-in. rope. Place ropes on a greased baking sheet and braid. Bring ends together to form a ring. Pinch ends to seal. Lightly coat dyed eggs with oil; arrange on braid, tucking them carefully between ropes. Cover with a kitchen towel; let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 375°. In a bowl, whisk remaining egg and water; gently brush over dough, avoiding eggs. Bake 25-30 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from pan to a wire rack to cool. Refrigerate leftovers. Yield: 1 loaf (16 slices).

Originally published as Easter Egg Bread in Taste of Home April/May 2003, p41

Nutritional Facts 1 slice equals 281 calories, 8 g fat (4 g saturated fat), 107 mg cholesterol, 231 mg sodium, 44 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 9 g protein.

•           •           •           •


I am not a perfect being. I have flaws I can hardly believe. I make decisions and can’t stick to them. I make mistakes I really don’t mean to make. I am a seriously malfunctioning creature. I know this. It’s just a fact of my existence.

Don’t try to buck me up or make me think I can do anything I want. I really can’t. And I’m a very gifted human. There are people more gifted and less gifted than I am, but as far as I have been able to determine we all fall into the same category: error prone.

Maybe there’s a species out there that thinks things through, comes up with sensible solutions, puts them into action, doesn’t have to learn by trial and error, explosions in the basement and all that. I think they’d be extraordinarily kind. They wouldn’t have any mistakes to hide.

But the extraordinary thing for me is my ability to forgive myself my humanity, my imperfection. I can love myself and others in spite of the endless series of disasters we create.

It would be great to be perfect. It couldn’t hurt anything, could it? But wanting to be perfect, pretending to be perfect can do a lot of damage.

Perfectionism might, conceivably, be a good thing for some other species. But not for me.

My character defects and my humanity have become old friends, teaching me humility and courtesy on the path.

Copyright 7/12/99, John MacEnulty, St. Louis MO
Emanations Thought for the Day, Emanationsfuture@gmail.com

Emanations Concert Tuesday Evening, 7:30 pm, Garden of Life Church
9525 Eddy and Park Rd, Crestwood, MO. Free admission. John MacEnulty,
Native American Flute.

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Join Pagan Pride Detroit and Come Celebrate Our Community Earth Day Festival

April 23, 2016
12:00 – 4:00 PM
A FREE festival about sustainable living, homesteading, farming, and all things Green.
This year, we will be at the Madison Heights Senior Center located at 29448 John R.Madison Heights, MI 48071
Vendors, table spaces are only $25 each!
Community Resources, Information, Classes, and fellowship shall be bigger, better, and always surprising.
Be the seed we sow together for our communities.
Door Prizes, Swag Bags, and many more surprises await you this year!

G.L.W.C. of Michigan will be performing a free Seed Blessing and giveaway. A Crop Blessing will also be done at this event, with an item available for taking home to plant in the garden/farm. Those with their own seeds are welcome to bring them to have them blessed as well. This will be an inclusive nondenominational interfaith friendly blessing.
A children’s area will be there to give little faces friendly places, and tasty healthy snacks will be available for purchase at our Earth Day Cafe kitchen at modest pricing.
We are also reaching out and sending an invitation to plant exchanges, community farming collectives, and other groups that focus on natural living to come out if they are interested in sharing their knowledge.

Vendors and artisans who sell naturally crafted, hand made, and locally sourced products will be there to offer wares in the spirit of the event are encouraged to come out and be a part of this community festival. We also welcome any community CSAs who may wish to secure a space to feel welcome.
These are great days at Pagan Pride Detroit, Inc.!
•           •           •           •

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Priestess Pathways …. the Newsletter!!
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Eight times a year for a cost of $12.00, or lifetime for 20.00
Chock full of Goddess Stories, holy days, spells, rituals, recipes, herbal and moon lore,
original articles, drawings and prose from our GoddessSchool Priestesses and even special guests!

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Natural Witchcraft with GrannyMoon


Goals of a Natural Witch/Magician
To walk in harmony with nature, never taking without giving.
To understand that magick is an alliance between humans and the Earth for the betterment of all.
To use magick as an instrument of loving change, not hateful destruction.
To see the spiritual in the physical and to understand that neither is higher nor more perfect than the other.
To wisely use natural energies only when in genuine need, not for greed.
To know that nothing is impossible if we will work beyond personal limitations.
To work magick for others only with their permission.
To celebrate magick as a union with the energies that gave us our physical forms.
To improve ourselves, our friends, and our world for the greater good of all.
You don’t need expensive accouterments or other fancy trappings! All lessons are done weekly with GrannyMoon through e-mail, with personal feedback.

Course does require purchase of one text book! You may buy this new,
used or you may already have it!

All Students Welcome!
A 13 week course on-line course.
Payment Options Available

Those completing this course will receive a certificate in Natural Magick!

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Coventry of Healing Arts and Pagan Studies Enroll Now!

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Transcendence Wellness Center

Jessica and Susie
Transcendence Wellness Center
At our new location
8702 W 49th Terrace
Merriam KS 6203

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Haunted Occoquan Tours

Haunted Occoquan (Virginia) Tours offer family-friendly walking tours.  Visit our Tour Reservation page for information on when you can make a reservation and fees.

Check Kay out online in Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story”, Episode 67 concerning the Weems-Botts Museum in Dumfries, VA, and her new blog about things paranormal and Haunted Occoquan.


Campbell’s Rambles:
How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life

Nonfiction by Patty L. Fletcher

The book is now for sale in print and e-book format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble,
the Apple bookstore, Smashwords, and other online sellers.

For details, please see:  www.dvorkin.com/pattyfletcher

Attention All Readers of – The Neighborhood News!

We are until the first of the year running a holiday special on advertising. From now until January 1st, 2016 you can purchase one year’s advertising for a onetime fee of $20.00 for 200 word limit or $25.00 with a photo.

Even if you are already placing Ads with us, you may still take advantage of this limited opportunity.

To place your Ad, please send your information including contact info such as email address, phone or website. (One link per Ad)

Font & Size:-   Times New Roman, size 12

To: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com and make your payment to me at PayPal.com using the same email address.

Thanks and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

Patty L Fletcher
Author, Motivational Speaker and Nonprofit Consultant

Wanted to let you guys know my book Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life is now free for the next week on Smashwords. I’d love it if you’d read and review it on Smashwords. I’d also love it if you’d read my author interview, and send me any questions you can think of that I did not get asked or answer and that you think should be added. Thanks I value your input.



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Flash Silvermoon What the Animals Tell Me !
Every Wed 8:30-9PM EST call 1 347 237 5416

What the Animals Tell Me with Flash Silvermoon
Every Wed 8:30-9 pm EST

Reaching out through email as FB wants my name to be Deborah Kotler so please, friend me under that name thanks

WOMANSPIRIT RISING On Air Rituals and Celebrations w/Flash Silvermoon
What the Animals Tell Me with Flash Silvermoon every Wed 8:30-9 pm est

ALTERNATIVE HEALING FOR THE ANIMALS IN THE SHADOW OF EARTH CHANGES  You can call in this phone number to listen LIVE on our live show
Call 1-6055623140 Enter Access code: 244850#  If you call in stay muted til the end and we can HAVE SOME Q&A or

ARCHIVE – /     Listen anytime  after the show to This Show and Others
Flash Silvermoon shares her story ALTERNATIVE HEALING FOR THE ANIMALS IN THE SHADOW OF EARTH CHANGES now because we are all going through so many EARTH CHANGES and there are so many animals in crisis or crossing around the world putting all of us including our beloved animals at high risk. Also we are coming on to the 10 year Anniversary of Katrina and this story shares my experiences of working with the Rescue team for the Katrina Hounds locally. Hopefully this story although written some years ago will inspire and educate you in ways to help yourselves. If you call in tonight and mute the phone til the end we can have some QnA if you like.

This story and many others will be included in her book Lifetime Companions Love Never Dies which offers many tales about how she began working on her own animals and how that evolved to treating all kinds of other animals over the last 35 years.
The animals are my teachers and I have been blessed by many excellent teachers in my home and in my practice.I am sure that you will find that this information awakens your own skills as an Animal Communicator too.Reach Flash Silvermoon at    http://www.flashsilvermoon.com

Nationally known Animal Communicator Flash Silvermoon shares her 35+ years of experiences doing healing work with the animals to enlighten you about their psyches.and how to truly deepen your relationship with your animal companions and all animals  Call Flash Silvermoon for an appointment today. 352-475-2432 North Central Florida’s Favorite Pet Psychic, Psychic and Astrologer

Flash always shares more about Holistic methods to heal your animal companions. Of course the first thing is Animal Communication which  is the best aid in knowing and understanding what your animal companions want and need as well as how their past and even past lives can influence their healing.
Flash also creates her own Gem Elixirs and uses Green Hope Farms Flower Essences as well as homeopathy, essential oils and healing touch to round out her practice. See her website for further info on ordering or having her work on your animals .

Flash presents this wonderful show devoted to bringing people and animals into greater harmony. She shares her amazing experiences as an Animal Communicator and offers everything that you might want to know about the world of animals from care, healing, feeding and most importantly understanding. She often shares the mike with special guests who are managers of Sanctuaries, non traditional Vets, and all manner of people that work on the front line to love and help animals.

Call Flash Silvermoon for an appointment today. 352-475-2432 North Central Florida’s Favorite Pet Psychic, Psychic and Astrologer

* The Wise Woman’s Tarot – http://flashsilvermoon.com *
* What The Animals Tell Me Radio Show

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Cat’s Treasure Trove

“Add a little magic to your day”  

We specialize in unique handcrafted jewelry & gifts!

Please surf in and check us out at: http://catstreasuretrove.weebly.com

You can also LIKE us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/CatsTreasureTrove

Please surf in and check us out!

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Daughter’s of Isis

Email Special: BRAND NEW

Dream Journeywork
Dream Dust packages.
Link to Daughters of Isis.com


 Click on the logo to go there!

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I just finished a complete redesign of my website with the hopes of making it easier to find what you are looking for! Please take the time to check it out.

I have also continued creating the Solfeggio Mandalas for the Divine Frequency Series and have completed 864Hz, Spiritual Embrace very recently. Each frequency, each mandala is a mudra frozen in time gifting the meridian system a way to reconnect with our divine blue print.

Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio = Language of Light​

Get Your Adult Coloring Books & join the fun!
The Earthly, Angelic, Universal and now the Natural Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with Mandala’s are a unique and powerful tool to connect and transform your connection with your true self.

The combination of both Solfeggio’s and Mandala’s are a powerful tool to awaken our consciousness, activate DNA and prepare the body for reawakening of the heart connection. Activate the cells with geometric patterning that heightens your interconnectivity to carry more information, light and energy. Every cell becomes a portal. As this happens, corrections and adjustments in the electrical fields and meridians that have been out of attunement occur, and the whole body benefits as it aligns with the new paradigm.

Susan Prout

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Earth Signs and Omens

Uncover the Hidden Mysteries of Nature

In Nature, we can find guidance about all life’s mysteries and all issues in our individual life circumstances.
We will learn the signs, omens and messages in nature and understand when and how they communicate with us.
One of the easiest and most rewarding of the divinatory arts, you will learn why things are happening to you
and help to solve problems.

The course covers signs and omens, communication, seasonal rites, trees and shrubs, flowers, plants and weeds,
herbs, plant magick, the Guardians of Nature and much more.

An exciting hands-on 10 week course for $50.00.
All lessons are on line, you will receive weekly personal response to each lesson

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The Magic of Crystals Course
with GrannyMoon

Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive.
Quartz can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.
Quartz can reduce stress, help with centering, strengthen, have wonderful healing properties and surround you with protection!

If you love crystals like I do, join me in this 4 Week Mini – Course for a fun and interesting time!
No books or supplies needed!  $25.00
Purchase 4 courses at one time – get a fifth one free!


Other Available Mini-Courses http://goddessschool.com/Paganstudies/minicourses.html

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The Goddess School Grimoire

Hardcover: $39.45
Softback: $26.95
eBook (PDF): $6.25

The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School (www.Goddessschool.com) has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.

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Buy Your Morning Feast Cafe Press Gear!

T-shirts, jackets, mugs, bags and other cool gear!!!

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Become a Certified Practitioner of The Healing Arts!

Welcome to a journey to learn about the hidden powers of herbs and our Mother Earth. Wise women and men have existed for thousands of years and still exist throughout the world. They know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and have learned to utilize the gifts of of nature. Inside each person  is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the Earth, to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

In Herbalism 101, we cover 21 herbs, and start our Materia Medica, that we will build throughout the next two levels. We will cover the basic aspects of herbs. From culinary to magickal, medicinal to ornamental. As well as the many modalities of herbs!

Herbalism 202 – We focus on herbs and terminology having to do with health and health care, making herbal medicines, classifying herbs, the Doctrine of Signatures, and much much more!

Herbalism 303 – This last series of classes teaches about the entire body, one system at a time. You’ll learn about how the body functions and what health problems are related to which body system. You’ll also learn about natural health remedies for many health problems.

Free with Reiki Masters certification an attunement with purchase of Herbalism 1,2,and 3. I am attuned to Usui Ryoho, but I also ask that my students read the Diane Stein book, Essential Reiki. We cover the three Reiki levels and you will receive a Master’s attunement and certificate.

Each course (3 in all) is ten weeks in length.
Each course is 50.00 taken separately and earns a certificate in Healing Arts.
Earn a Priest or Priestess certification in Healing Arts by taking these four courses.
Buy three at once, get Reiki Master certification free.
The Healing Arts certificate four part series will earn a Priest or Priestess Certification from The Order of the Burning Branch
No text books required unless otherwise noted.
Herbalism 101 (The Universe of Herbs, begin your own Materia Medica)
Herbalism 202  (My Herbalism 101 course is required)
Herbalism 303  (My Herbalism 101 and 202 courses are required)
Reiki I, II, and III

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So Mote It Be!
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Have a Magickal Week!!!
Goddess Blessings!

The GoddessSchool Bookstore

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  The GoddessSchool

1. High Priestess Certification and Ancient Mystery Teachings

2. Herbalism 101

3. Herbalism 202

4. Herbalism 303  

5. Earth Signs and Omens

6. The Priestess Entrepreneurship

7. Natural Witchcraft
8. Practical Magick: Spell Casting for Every Day Use

9. The Magic of Crystals

10.Introduction to Energy Healing

11.Introduction to Paganism

12.Introduction to Meditation

13.Introduction to The Goddess Tradition and The Feminine Divine

14.Kuan Yins Gentle Embrace Reiki Certification

15.A Year and a Day of Contemplation with Kuan Yin

16.The GoddessSchool Bookstore

17.Tarot, Numerology, Natal Charts and Dream Readings

18. Priestess Pathways Newsletter

19. GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Daily Newsletter

20 Join The International Order of the Black Hat!
21. Week-End Witchin’s Newsletter

22. GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Café Press Gear

23.Personalized 5 Question for $5.00 Donation Pendulum Reading!  

24. Donations Welcome!

DISCLAIMER: Submitted In The Spirit of Fair Use! I do not claim to have made any of the graphics or written the articles that I send to this list.
They come from a wide variety of sources and submissions.

Goddess Blessings!

About GrannyMoon

GrannyMoon is Founder and Mother High Priestess of GoddessSchool, Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine, which will celebrate it's 22th year this Lammas! Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, LDS Seminary and is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity. Doula, Reiki Master and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. Former VA State Representative A.R.E.N. (Alternative Religions Educational Network.) We offer an on-line and off-line community for women, including workshops and retreats. Offering High Priestess Training and Community, Healing Arts and Pagan Studies to all seekers. http://Goddessschool.com/Paganstudies/index.html

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